Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sundays Featured Artist : Paula Lemmon

Hi Everyone

This Sundays Featured Artist is Paula lemmon she makes the most Gorgeous Journals 
and has been sharing her work with us on the 
Junk Journal Junkies Facebook for a little over 3 months now.

Here is Paula's Story : 
Well I started crafting years ago it started out with tole painting 
with my sister Leslie she inspired me in every way with all my crafts 
then she got me into paper crafts and we just loved it,
 she pasted 3 years ago and I stopped everything.
 I didn’t start back doing crafty stuff until last year when I got laid off work 
and had to make extra money so I started refurbishing furniture,
 and creating new things out of old things and just fell in love with doing that, 
but I can only do that in the spring and summer time because I don’t have the garage space for it.
 I crochet, paint, sew, pretty much any craft I can get my hands on lol..
Then I started watching you tube and found JJJ's FB group
 and fell in love with all the gorgeous journals
 So i got all my papers out and started going at it lol.. 
My sister Nina and cousin Trina and a few of my friends all fell in love as well and are now JJJ's . 

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 I Also started a Facebook page Bloomnsticks creations in memory of my sista Leslie to share all my creations in hopes to inspire others like she has me .Bloom-n-sticks green house was the name of her flowers follow me on this Page click HERE 

You all have inspired me so much to get back into paper crafts and I thank you so much and now im a JJJ for life it is my happy place.. :o)
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Below is some of Paula's Journal Creations
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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday's Featured Artist: Fiona Knobben

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our regular featured artist post. Today I'd like to share Fiona's story with you. Fiona is a very active member on the Junk Journal Junkies group and has shared some wonderful junk journals with us.

A girlfriend first introduced Fiona to the fabulous craft/hobby of scrapbooking around 2007. She was ill at the time and wanted to start creating memories for the kids to keep...something they could always cherish and look back on with fond memories.

Fiona began making journals about 12 months ago. She says she has made more for other people, than for herself. But she hopes to make one for each of her 4 children and use them as scrapbook journals. 

Fiona is a huge Jane Austen fan and loves the Regency Era. She also makes Regency Era Stove Pipe and Soft Poke bonnets. Crafting to her, is a way of expressing herself as the person 'Fiona', so her children will know who she was, not just the mother, wife, friend, sister they see her as on a daily basis...leaving behind a footprint has become very important to her.

Below there are some photos of one of Fiona's favourite junk journal projects and her Regency Era Stove Pipe and Soft Poke bonnets. You can find more of Fiona's gorgeous work on her youtube channel here