Saturday, 10 June 2017

Adorable School Themed Junk Journal

Hello, everyone! Long time no post! Lol
I have an awesome School Themed Journal to share with you today! This lovely school journal is made by Lori (Just a Girl From the Bay)

It's full of pockets, ephemera, photo and journaling space, and more. She used an old paper collection and made a themed Journal with it. This is a great idea for those who want to use their paper but have no idea what to use it on! Turn it into a Journal!

Take a look at the video for a detailed flip through. Enjoy!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Just Because I'm a Junk Journal Junkie...

I'm a Junk Journal Junkie! I started making journals a couple of years ago, and kept going. I've sent many away as gifts and swaps. I even sell some of them to help keep up with my hobby! Over time, I've accumulated quite a collection of journals. Today, I just wanted to share some photos of the journals I have. I hope to inspire fellow crafters to make some of their own.

Don't feel bad if you haven't made one yet, or you only have a couple. I started crafting out of a shoe box. Now, I have a collection of items that keep me more that busy. If you enjoy crafting, or just want to start we have a huge community over on Facebook! The group Junk Journal Junkies has kept me sane as well as helped me to find a place to belong. Being a part of a huge community of women and men (all over the world) who enjoy the same thing as me has been amazing! I hope to continue crafting, inspiring and meeting new people to share with!

Huge thank you to Yvonne (Creator of Junk Journal Junkies) for making such an amazing community possible! And thank you to the Admin who help keep the group functioning and growing! You've all been such good friends and I am so grateful to have met you all!

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Sundays Featured Artist : Paula Lemmon

Hi Everyone

This Sundays Featured Artist is Paula lemmon she makes the most Gorgeous Journals 
and has been sharing her work with us on the 
Junk Journal Junkies Facebook for a little over 3 months now.

Here is Paula's Story : 
Well I started crafting years ago it started out with tole painting 
with my sister Leslie she inspired me in every way with all my crafts 
then she got me into paper crafts and we just loved it,
 she pasted 3 years ago and I stopped everything.
 I didn’t start back doing crafty stuff until last year when I got laid off work 
and had to make extra money so I started refurbishing furniture,
 and creating new things out of old things and just fell in love with doing that, 
but I can only do that in the spring and summer time because I don’t have the garage space for it.
 I crochet, paint, sew, pretty much any craft I can get my hands on lol..
Then I started watching you tube and found JJJ's FB group
 and fell in love with all the gorgeous journals
 So i got all my papers out and started going at it lol.. 
My sister Nina and cousin Trina and a few of my friends all fell in love as well and are now JJJ's . 

To See all my Latest Journal Flip Throughs you can Subscribe to my You Tube Channel... 
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 I Also started a Facebook page Bloomnsticks creations in memory of my sista Leslie to share all my creations in hopes to inspire others like she has me .Bloom-n-sticks green house was the name of her flowers follow me on this Page click HERE 

You all have inspired me so much to get back into paper crafts and I thank you so much and now im a JJJ for life it is my happy place.. :o)
If your not already a member of the Junk Journal Junkies FB group Click HERE 
And Join the Gang !  

Below is some of Paula's Journal Creations
But Dont forget to subscribe to here You Tube Channel.

Thanks for stopping by today :)

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Sunday's Featured Artist: Fiona Knobben

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our regular featured artist post. Today I'd like to share Fiona's story with you. Fiona is a very active member on the Junk Journal Junkies group and has shared some wonderful junk journals with us.

A girlfriend first introduced Fiona to the fabulous craft/hobby of scrapbooking around 2007. She was ill at the time and wanted to start creating memories for the kids to keep...something they could always cherish and look back on with fond memories.

Fiona began making journals about 12 months ago. She says she has made more for other people, than for herself. But she hopes to make one for each of her 4 children and use them as scrapbook journals. 

Fiona is a huge Jane Austen fan and loves the Regency Era. She also makes Regency Era Stove Pipe and Soft Poke bonnets. Crafting to her, is a way of expressing herself as the person 'Fiona', so her children will know who she was, not just the mother, wife, friend, sister they see her as on a daily basis...leaving behind a footprint has become very important to her.

Below there are some photos of one of Fiona's favourite junk journal projects and her Regency Era Stove Pipe and Soft Poke bonnets. You can find more of Fiona's gorgeous work on her youtube channel here


Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday's Feature Artist: Valarie Tripp Bagley

Hello everyone, this weeks featured artist is a very talented lady. She's been a member of Junk Journal Junkies for a little over three months but has become one of our regular's in the group. Valarie has been crafting since she was a little girl, it all started at a young age with her mother teaching her how to knit.  According to Valarie, her mom also introduced her, and her brother to do all sorts of different things, such as; wood burning, painting, embroidery and crochet.  Besides Junk Journals, Valarie really enjoys fine needle crafts such as embroidery, candle wicking and needlepoint. Before the birth of her son, Valarie was the recipient of blue ribbons at her local fall fairs.  One of Valarie's favorite creations can be seen below:

Valarie states that her crafting is a creative outlet that she needs, and she usually has one or more projects going at a time.  Recently, Valarie has become disabled and says that making journals passes the time for her and helps her cope with the huge changes in her life.  One craft that Valarie would love to try is both traditional rub booking and cutwork.  If you would like to visit Valarie's Etsy store, the link is below.  Thank you Valarie for being an inspiration to members of the group.  

Valarie's Etsy Shop

Friday, 25 March 2016

What To Use In Your Junk Journals

Lori's last post was about how to make a junk journal with links to a great video tutorial that Yvonne did. So, today I want to share some ideas about what else you can use in your junk journals. Once you start making junk journals you'll probably see every piece of paper and packaging in a different light and begin to save all those little things like receipts, tickets, clothing tags, business cards etc to glue in to your journal. You can use food packaging, mailing envelopes, old book covers or cardboard boxes to make the covers. If you have any shoe boxes lying around the house, these often have interesting patterns on them, which are great for covers.

The inside pages can be made from almost anything. This is a short list of ideas to get you started:

Tea/coffee dyed paper, old school exercise book paper, text book paper, vintage ephemera papers, such as receipts, letters etc. Junk mail, advertising brochures and leaflets, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, wallpaper, paper bags from the bakery or supermarket, calendar pages, digital papers, watercolour/drawing paper, parchment or wax paper, children's book pages and puzzle books.

You can find lots of videos on youtube for inspiration. I've linked a few below for you to look at.

Happy crafting, Melanie.