Saturday, 30 May 2015

Smashin' Art Writing Journal challenge! Starts June 1st

Hi All 
just a quick short post for you all 
If you are into art journal or would like to have a go at smash Art journaling 
Jami ( poet spice on YT ) is starting  a challenge from the 1st June 
the link is below if you wish to find out more 
Warning!  Jami is Funny, witty, Talented and  addictive lol 

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Prayer Journals

Hi All 
We have a lady on the JJJ group called Marie Noack, she is making these wonder Prayer journals..
she does make to order, so if you would like more Information from Marie
Marie has just opened a New Etsy store
  you can contact her on her FB
or Email
Here are some photo's of Marie's past Journals

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Junk journal Inspiration I found online

Hi All
I hope your all having a great day and being creative !
I want to share some sites with you today, as i am trawling through the internet looking for idea's and supplies i have come across some sites you may find of interest....

Uk Etsy seller: selling journal bits, her name is Julie, she also makes and sells handmade Junk journals, Check out the link below

For all you beginners out there, this blog post will be a great help to you, it has a great list of supplies you can use that most of us have in our homes

Here is a GREAT  you tube video on how to make a JJ by Jennifer Priest
Jennifer also has a blog

Always remember there are no rules or guidelines to making a junk journal, they can be made with whatever materials you have to hand, they can be any size, with as many or as little pages you desire, you can use them for any purpose,  they do not have to look like someones else's journal, a journal of any sort is for personal use by its owner so tailor it to your likes, I have found in the past trying make a journal like the one i have saw on YT or Pinterest makes it harder to create, because that person has made it for them not me ! if we all made these the same it wouldn't be fun ! we all have our own style in all aspects of life that's what makes us unique !

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Talula rouge Digital Stamped Images

Hi Everyone
I hope your all having a great Day ! 
Today i am sharing a Zibbet store with you all that sells Digital Images, Jami ( poet spice ) On You tube owns this store, these images are Great to add to your Art Journals. Junk journals,  Book pages, Tags, Cards & Altered projects etc... 
I have been using these images for a few weeks now and really enjoy that i can resize to fit almost anything ! and also i am learning how to use my watercolor paints and Pencils ... 

Jami has given a code for a 12% discount for all you Junk journal junkies out there !! 
this is the  CODE;   junkjj12 
Just add this to ''Enter coupon code'' when before proceeding to check out 

Below are just of the images on the Zibbet store
to see more please click on the link below 

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tea or coffee dying your Papers & Ephemera

Hi All 

I know alot of you are pro's at tea or coffee dying your Paper & ephemera for your journals or other projects, for those that are new to Tea or coffee dying here are some video's to help with the process...
if using copy or thinner paper i wouldn't recommend leaving the paper in the water long as it becomes very fragile and will tear or rip, dip in and out, for thicker papers you can leave it to soak
the darker the mixture the darker you papers will turn out. 

Check out these links for some tips

after drying your papers you can keep them ruffled looking of Iron them flat, I would suggest using a scarp piece of paper on top of your dyed paper so it doesnt mark or burn it, keep your iron on a low to medium heat and turn of the steam.
always take care with hot water, heat tools and ovens they can burn those creative fingers !! 

I hope this has been useful to you.

Useful Binding tutorials

Hi All
I hope your all well and having a lovely day !
Today i am going to share some useful links for binding your Junk journals this question seems to be asked a lot on the group page.
So I thought i would find some links for those that want to know more ...
there are so many different styles to use and by trying some of them you will find what is best for you or the style of Junk journal you are making, some JJ's require different types of binding, that you will learn for your self .

these are the binding tutorials I have used,  tried or want to try  .....

Basic cross Stitch

Easy Twine Binding

Coptic Stitch Binding

Wire Binding ( Zutter bind it all )

Wire Binding Without a Bind it all Machine ! YES it can be done :) 
Pamphlet Stitch

Button Binding 
type 1 
type 2& 3 

These are the most used methods in the video's I have watched on YouTube, My personal favorites are Pamphlet stitch and the easy twine binding, if you have seen some other methods please share a link in the comments box below. 

I hope some of you will find this post of some use. 
Thanks for stopping by today :)

Friday, 22 May 2015

Giveaway information and prizes

Hi ladies and gents ! 
 1 year Giveaway on the Junk journal junkies
FB group
 Below is a list of the prizes that are up for grabs that i have so far, any other prizes will be added when i get them..

These prizes will be drawn randomly and in no particular order on or before the 5th of June 2015 

Lori Jagadish ( Admin ) 
A junk journal and some fabulous extras :) 

 Debbie Booket Ketcham ( Admin ) 
A Fabulous  junk journal 

From Andrea Bourke ( Admin ) 
a selection of Ephemera & goodies to add to your JJ's 

From Ruth Nelson ( Admin )
A Beautiful Junk journal

From Aly Commons ( Admin )
A fabulus Junk journal 

Nikki Storer ( Admin ) 
A fabulous selection of Ephemera & goodies to add your JJ's

Anne Middendorf- Million ( Admin ) 
Vintage themed Pocket letter 

Melanie Barnes ( Admin ) 
A fabulous Junk journal 

Debbie Anne parent has kindly Donated 2 Shabby n Chic printable journal kits to 2 winners 
(click on the link below  )

Daisy Collins  who is Designer of Tsunami Rose Designs have donated some prizes too ...

Daisy  is giving away 5 digital kits to 2 winners !! when the names have been picked you can go
( click on the Link below )
and choose which kits. 

Karen Higgins
Karen is donating 3 prizes to 3 winners ! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Welcome to the JJJ's Blog

Hello and Welcome to the Junk Journal Junkies Blog! 

If you are reading this then you might already a member of the JJJ's Facebook Group. And if not, here is the link to come join us and share your passion for making JJ's

The JJJ's Group on Facebook has  3,000 + Members and still growing !

We share our work to inspire others.

We host Journal Swaps / Challenges.

We have tutorials and JJ flips.

In addition, we  have 2 other sisters groups, JJJ Pen Pal International & the JJJ Chat group. You do need to request to be a Member of the Main JJJ's group in order to join the sister groups.  

I decided to create this blog to share information,  tips, links and also show our member's work (with permission, of course ).  I am open to linking your selling point, your YT channel, blogs and any other details you wish to share.

I will also share great places to buy all sorts of materials that you can use in your JJs.

So please join this blog and keep your eyes peeled for the up coming posts