Friday, 22 May 2015

Giveaway information and prizes

Hi ladies and gents ! 
 1 year Giveaway on the Junk journal junkies
FB group
 Below is a list of the prizes that are up for grabs that i have so far, any other prizes will be added when i get them..

These prizes will be drawn randomly and in no particular order on or before the 5th of June 2015 

Lori Jagadish ( Admin ) 
A junk journal and some fabulous extras :) 

 Debbie Booket Ketcham ( Admin ) 
A Fabulous  junk journal 

From Andrea Bourke ( Admin ) 
a selection of Ephemera & goodies to add to your JJ's 

From Ruth Nelson ( Admin )
A Beautiful Junk journal

From Aly Commons ( Admin )
A fabulus Junk journal 

Nikki Storer ( Admin ) 
A fabulous selection of Ephemera & goodies to add your JJ's

Anne Middendorf- Million ( Admin ) 
Vintage themed Pocket letter 

Melanie Barnes ( Admin ) 
A fabulous Junk journal 

Debbie Anne parent has kindly Donated 2 Shabby n Chic printable journal kits to 2 winners 
(click on the link below  )

Daisy Collins  who is Designer of Tsunami Rose Designs have donated some prizes too ...

Daisy  is giving away 5 digital kits to 2 winners !! when the names have been picked you can go
( click on the Link below )
and choose which kits. 

Karen Higgins
Karen is donating 3 prizes to 3 winners ! 


  1. Fabulous give away, I already added a picture on FB, I am keeping my fingers crossed

  2. Wow, those are wonderful prizes!!! thank you for the chance to win!! :)

  3. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you for a chance to win one of these prizes.

  4. How wonderful and how generous too! Thank you all for the chance to win some fabulous things

  5. You are all so very generous and your commitment to the group is remarkable. Thanks for being here!! Dolores

  6. You are all so very generous and your commitment to the group is remarkable. Thanks for being here!! Dolores

  7. The prizes are just wonderful. It is very nice of you all to offer such nice things as well as your time.

  8. Awesome giveaway!! Thank you for a chance to play!!

  9. Amazing source of ideas and inspiration. Thank you for celebrating with all of us....

  10. Such great stuff... wonderful creativity love, love the journals...and all the goodies wow... and the printable kits... This is such a great variety. this is a great giveaway... Thank you... to all...

  11. This is really taking care of the troops!!! Thanks, Admins!!

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