Sunday, 27 March 2016

Sunday's Feature Artist: Valarie Tripp Bagley

Hello everyone, this weeks featured artist is a very talented lady. She's been a member of Junk Journal Junkies for a little over three months but has become one of our regular's in the group. Valarie has been crafting since she was a little girl, it all started at a young age with her mother teaching her how to knit.  According to Valarie, her mom also introduced her, and her brother to do all sorts of different things, such as; wood burning, painting, embroidery and crochet.  Besides Junk Journals, Valarie really enjoys fine needle crafts such as embroidery, candle wicking and needlepoint. Before the birth of her son, Valarie was the recipient of blue ribbons at her local fall fairs.  One of Valarie's favorite creations can be seen below:

Valarie states that her crafting is a creative outlet that she needs, and she usually has one or more projects going at a time.  Recently, Valarie has become disabled and says that making journals passes the time for her and helps her cope with the huge changes in her life.  One craft that Valarie would love to try is both traditional rub booking and cutwork.  If you would like to visit Valarie's Etsy store, the link is below.  Thank you Valarie for being an inspiration to members of the group.  

Valarie's Etsy Shop

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