Saturday, 23 May 2015

Tea or coffee dying your Papers & Ephemera

Hi All 

I know alot of you are pro's at tea or coffee dying your Paper & ephemera for your journals or other projects, for those that are new to Tea or coffee dying here are some video's to help with the process...
if using copy or thinner paper i wouldn't recommend leaving the paper in the water long as it becomes very fragile and will tear or rip, dip in and out, for thicker papers you can leave it to soak
the darker the mixture the darker you papers will turn out. 

Check out these links for some tips

after drying your papers you can keep them ruffled looking of Iron them flat, I would suggest using a scarp piece of paper on top of your dyed paper so it doesnt mark or burn it, keep your iron on a low to medium heat and turn of the steam.
always take care with hot water, heat tools and ovens they can burn those creative fingers !! 

I hope this has been useful to you.

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