Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Junk journal Inspiration I found online

Hi All
I hope your all having a great day and being creative !
I want to share some sites with you today, as i am trawling through the internet looking for idea's and supplies i have come across some sites you may find of interest....

Uk Etsy seller: selling journal bits, her name is Julie, she also makes and sells handmade Junk journals, Check out the link below

For all you beginners out there, this blog post will be a great help to you, it has a great list of supplies you can use that most of us have in our homes

Here is a GREAT  you tube video on how to make a JJ by Jennifer Priest
Jennifer also has a blog

Always remember there are no rules or guidelines to making a junk journal, they can be made with whatever materials you have to hand, they can be any size, with as many or as little pages you desire, you can use them for any purpose,  they do not have to look like someones else's journal, a journal of any sort is for personal use by its owner so tailor it to your likes, I have found in the past trying make a journal like the one i have saw on YT or Pinterest makes it harder to create, because that person has made it for them not me ! if we all made these the same it wouldn't be fun ! we all have our own style in all aspects of life that's what makes us unique !

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  1. Hi Yvonne. Thanks so much for the link up! I noticed in my stats that your blog as one of the top referrers to my Etsy shop in the last month so thought I'd drop by to say thanks!

    If you want to get in touch sometime I'm sure I could offer some sort of giveaway prize and discount offer for your readers. My emails is on my blog or you can get in touch via my FB page:

    Happy journaling!

    Julie :-)